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Recognizing that today’s aircraft owners expect more from their management company, we ensure every detail is meticulously considered in our aircraft management solutions, underpinned by our unwavering commitment to safety and elevated by our personalized approach to service excellence.

We’ve earned our reputation as a trusted and reliable partner in the Canadian aviation sector.

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Let us manage all the details.

Purchasing a private jet is a significant milestone. However, realizing you’ve chosen the wrong one can be disheartening. We’re experts in our field. We guide you with a detailed analysis, matching your goals and budget with the jet’s performance, compliance, history, and operational costs. Once you’ve selected the perfect jet, we will manage every detail to prepare your aircraft for flight.

From the initial search, drafting the Offer Letter and Purchase Agreement, to conducting the pre-buy inspection and finalizing the sale, we adeptly navigate the acquisition process.

“ A credit to team Chartright. You have redefined what dedication, commitment and customer service should look like. In my business we talk about the value of a lifetime customer. Well as a result of you and the Chartright team, you can count on me, for a lifetime.”

Aircraft Owner, Challenger 300

The effort behind the effortless.

Beginning our journey in aircraft management, we’ve established ourselves as leaders in this field throughout Canada. Aircraft owners partnering with us enjoy the remarkable advantages of our cutting-edge management solutions, along with significant cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Chartright will assign a dedicated CAM to oversee all aspects of your aircraft and to serve as your primary point of contact for reservations and flight planning information. CAMs are senior Flight Coordinators who have received extensive training in maintenance coordination, invoicing, dispatch, crew scheduling, etc. As a result of this training, CAMs can easily navigate through the different departments to get the answers to any question you may have.

As an aircraft owner, you’ll benefit from our 24/7/365 dispatch services, meticulously tailored to accommodate the dynamic nature of your schedule. Our dedicated dispatch team is available around the clock, ensuring they are thoroughly familiar with your individual preferences and requirements.

Your guaranteed availability of a back-up aircraft ensures that, in the event your aircraft is unavailable or unsuited for a particular flight, an alternative is readily accessible. Through the Fleet Access Program, aircraft owners can exchange hours on their aircraft for usage of other aircraft within the Chartright fleet, eliminating the need for cash transactions. With access to 15 different types of aircraft, this program proves exceptionally beneficial when your aircraft is unavailable or when multiple aircraft are required. Chartright fully manages the Swap program, relieving owners of any owner-to-owner interactions.

We stand for excellence and efficiency in aircraft maintenance. Our experienced engineers are committed to the highest standards, meticulously caring for every aspect to guarantee your jet’s peak performance and safety

Leverage your aircraft to its fullest potential and optimize its charter revenue capability with our expertise. Our adept management ensures your aircraft not only yields significant charter income, contributing to the offset of operational expenses, but also provides a reliable revenue flow.

Owner Approval

Upon receiving a charter request matching your aircraft, the Chartright sales team will check its availability in the flight scheduling calendar before issuing a quote. Upon acceptance and signing of the official quote by the charter client, the sales team will contact you or your designated personnel for approval. Their request will include charter routing, total hours flown, and revenue details. The decision to approve or decline the charter opportunity rests solely with you.

Your dedicated flight crew comprises of experienced professionals who are type rated on your aircraft. Throughout the flight, your Captain ensures seamless communication, addressing any evolving needs such as catering adjustments, luggage coordination, or alterations to departure times. Each Captain is equipped with a Chartright-furnished mobile device specifically for this purpose.

Chartright’s proprietary software that provides aircraft owners and Executive Assistants access to view their aircraft flight activity and bookings and detailed financial and operating information about their aircraft. Data contained in the CSP can be customized by the Owner to display in a variety of viewing modes that best suit the preferences of the reader. The level of detail available can range from high-level overview to specific details

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Aircraft management firms simplify ownership by providing services that address the operational, maintenance, and administrative tasks associated with owning an aircraft. Chartright streamlines the logistics of aircraft management, allowing our clients to enjoy the benefits of their private jets without the burden of day-to-day ownership duties.

Selecting the right aircraft management company is not a uniform decision. It should be made considering the specific requirements of the owner, alongside the company’s reputation and expertise in handling aircraft. Furthermore, the decision should take into account the type of aircraft and the preferred location of operation. Reach out to us today to discover why aircraft owners prefer Chartright.

Chartright provides an effortless aircraft ownership experience, offering personalized aviation management, lucrative charter programs, flexible fleet access, in-house maintenance, and a staunch commitment to safety and quality in all aspects of your aircraft’s management.

Yes, we prioritize your jet’s availability according to your schedule. Even when your jet has been chartered, our Fleet Access program ensures you have a suitable alternative ready in the event your travel plans change.

Absolutely. Chartright provides a hassle-free travel experience, managing all logistical aspects of international journeys, including flight planning, customs clearance, and ensuring adherence to global aviation regulations and standards.

Our Client Executives are industry experts who serve as a single point of contact to Chartright and your aircraft, offering personalized, real-time solutions and guidance, simplifying the complexities of private jet ownership and ensuring a seamless and productive experience.

Yes, the decision to approve or decline the charter opportunity lies entirely in your hands. After receiving a charter request tailored to your aircraft, the Chartright sales team will assess its availability in the flight scheduling calendar before providing a quote. Once the charter client accepts and signs the official quote, the sales team will reach out to you or your designated personnel for approval. Their communication will outline the charter routing, total hours flown, and revenue details, leaving the final decision solely up to you.

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