Empty Leg Flights: The Smart Way to Save on Private Jet Charters

March 18, 2024

Empty Leg Flights: The Smart Way to Save on Private Jet Charters

Interested in private jet travel without significant expenses? Explore empty-leg flights, an economical option.
Operators usually offer these flights at a reduced rate compared to the standard charter cost. This is because they aim to offset the expenses of flying the aircraft without passengers. These flights could give you the chance to experience private jet travel without the high cost.

Understanding Empty Leg Flights

Empty leg flights are private jet trips that only go in one direction and don’t have any passengers. The aircraft is essentially repositioning itself to its base or another destination without generating revenue for that particular leg.
For operators, utilizing empty flights enhances fleet efficiency. By offering these otherwise flights to passengers, operators can provide empty leg flights at reduced rates.

Cost Savings: The Main Advantage

With the flexibility to book an empty leg flight aligned with the desired route and timing, you could experience the same journey at a fraction of the cost.
For example, a traveller plans a last-minute business trip from Toronto to Vancouver. If you decide to book a private jet for this trip, you’ll be charged the standard charter fee for the entire journey. However, if there is an empty-leg flight available that fits into your schedule, you can save substantially on your private charter expense.

Flexible Travel Plans

You could have the opportunity to align your travel plans with the availability of these exclusive empty leg opportunities. This is unlike the structured itineraries of commercial flights or the fixed schedules of traditional private charters.
Last-minute travel arrangements become incredibly convenient with empty leg flights. Booking a private jet that’s already on its way to your destination is very convenient. It allows you to skip the usual booking and get straight to your destination.

Destinations and Availability

There are various factors that influence the availability of empty leg opportunities. Routes, popular travel seasons, and specific events all play a role in shaping the landscape of empty leg availability.
During peak travel times or major events, the chances of stumbling upon these flights might increase, offering an even more extensive array of destinations.
Empty leg flights have the potential to reach virtually any destination around the world, The flexibility of these flights largely depends on the routes and availability of private jets operated by various charter companies.
To make the most of these flights, you should keep an eye on available empty leg opportunities. Stay attuned to the private jet charter industry, especially during periods of heightened travel, and you could uncover a journey to your dream destination at a fraction of the usual cost.

Factors to Consider

Here are key factors to keep in mind when booking your next empty leg flight:

Flexibility Is Important

It’s essential to be flexible with your travel plans. You should also be willing to change your dates and destinations based on what’s available. Being adaptable increases your chances of finding the perfect empty leg for your trip.

Diverse Destinations

Consider various destinations that might be accessible through empty legs. Discovering lesser-known destinations can help you find secret spots that people don’t visit often.

Staying Informed

You should stay updated on the latest industry updates, travel trends, and empty legs. It’s a good idea to stay updated on upcoming events, holidays, and peak travel seasons. You can find the most suitable flights for your trip this way.

Working with a Reputable Charter Provider

It’s essential to team up with a trustworthy private jet charter provider. This means choosing a company that has a reputation for safety, dependability, and openness. A trusted provider ensures a smooth experience.
Chartright Air Group has been in the aviation industry for more than 35 years. Our main goal is to offer trustworthy and transparent private aviation solutions to clients throughout Canada and North America. We can find charter services that match your travel requirements while staying within your budget.


Planning ahead can increase your chances of getting what you want, even though empty legs can sometimes be spontaneous. Make sure to keep an eye on available flights in advance and be prepared to act swiftly when the perfect opportunity arises.

Balancing Convenience and Savings

It is essential to recognize that flexibility is the key to unlocking the benefits of empty leg flights. The trade-off often involves adjusting your travel plans to align with available empty legs. This compromise becomes a balance between luxury travel and the practicality of savings.
Empty leg flights might not always align perfectly with your preferred routes or travel dates. It’s essential to understand the limitations of these flights. Availability is influenced by existing charters and the positioning needs of private jets. Be prepared to adapt and embrace the spontaneity of the journey.
Booking empty leg flights is perfect for last-minute travel scenarios. This is especially true if you’re flexible with your plans and open to accepting opportunities on short notice. However, you should still be aware of upcoming events, peak travel seasons, and industry trends. It’s about balancing the adventure of spontaneity while focusing on strategic flight planning.

Securing Empty Leg Flights

There are a few steps you must take to secure a suitable empty leg flight. Here is a guide on how you can book these flights to suit your needs:

  • Leverage online platforms: Visit the websites of reputable charter companies. Many operators showcase available empty legs on their online platforms, providing insights into routes, aircraft types, and cost-saving opportunities. Chartright Air Group has a quick quote option for empty leg flights making booking easy.
  • Communicate with the charter provider: When communicating with us using our online platform, be clear about your travel preferences. You should specify your desired routes, travel dates, and any specific requirements you may have. The more precise your preferences, the better the chances of finding a suitable empty leg.
  • Act quickly: Empty leg flights are often time-sensitive. Once you spot a potential opportunity that aligns with your preferences, be prepared to book it quickly. Quick decisions increase your chances of securing the flight before someone else does.
  • Stay aware of industry news: Stay aware of aviation industry news, events, and trends. Specific periods, such as peak travel seasons or major events, might increase the availability of empty legs.


As you secure an empty leg flight, remember the key is balance. Flexibility and strategic decision-making are essential, as they turn each journey into an opportunity for substantial savings.

You have the chance to explore different places, even those that many people do not commonly visit. By flying empty legs, you can discover new and thrilling destinations while experiencing the luxury of private aviation.

Get the most out of your precious time by opting for private jet travel, where you won’t have to deal with the usual limitations of commercial flights.

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